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Nextgear capital is by far the worst flooring company out there. There are a bunch of crooks with insane fees.

Nextgear will hold you to the ground and basically control your business, they want to have a say in what you buy as well as tell you when to take old units to the auction so you can get screwed again. They will approve anybody for a line of credit and dictate your whole business. If you have any NSF fees they will make you wire transfer all your curtailments for 30 days plus. they will start holding your money in a reserve account where you cant get a dime until your balance is paid off, complete *** some dealers I know have 50 grand plus in reserve just a matter of time until they get that back, basically using your money as their own collecting interest and everything.

Im sure if the dealer had the 50 grand in their account they wouldnt be in such a jam. After going thru *** and back with Nextgear all I have to say is beware of Nextgears business tactics and if you dont need flooring stay the *** away from this flooring company, if you do need flooring check out other companies.

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