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Back to 2016, they started to charge me late fees and other fees a lot !! than I became short in money could not pay them last 3 cars that I sold, they are keep calling me, I'm trying to come to a payment plan but they don't listen, can anyone tell me what can they do?

can they repo customers car? Can they come after me to shut down operation?

dealer is dealing with tough days, can they block me at Manheim and Adesa if I don't come up with a payment plan? did any one have the same experience?

Product or Service Mentioned: Nextgear Capital Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Do business the way you are supposed to like most of us dealers doing the right thing, and you wouldn't have to worry about any floorplan repo'ing the cars they paid for for you. You guys make it hard on rest of us who are honest.

to Anonymous dealer 1 #1459653

Nextgear Capital has totally made some illegal

to Anonymous dealer 1 #1460202

Those fees and rates are RIDICULOUS!! I totally agree!!! Just bc he can’t afford to pay doesn’t make him someone NOT doing the “right thing”

to Bobbi Bolton #1587739

Did the Godfather and Luca Brasi make him sign the papers that outlined the fees associated with the money? If not, this is a grown man or woman who should know how the game works and deal with the fallout like an adult rather than whine and cry on a message board. Another great "what not to do if you're a real business owner" post.


They will Blacklist you with all Auctions in USA and Canada, they cannot repo cars which have already been registered and titled in the customers name. They can only repo vehicles which are theirs on the floorplan.

If they take any others, File a DOJ Stop on the VIN and notify authorities. They play very very dirty, heads up. They then hide behind pretty good corporate lawyers. They are loan sharks, and must be dealt with accordingly.

We are creating a class action suit with 300+ dealers already signed up. Please contact for more details.

to thetruthprevails #1460204

Bobbi Bolton, Bolton’s Motors, Phoenix, AZ. SIGN ME UP!! 213-925-6525

to thetruthprevails #1466545

I got 154 units taken from me. I was current I was cash called by a dirty rep.

I want to join in on the lawsuit I have so much dirt on them for the last 3 yrs since this happened it's crazy. I also know for a fact the doc stamp money they collect in Florida they collect and are not paying the full portion to the state of Florida I have proof.

I want to take them thru the ringer as they did me. I am back and financially stronger then ever I am willing to pony up whatever it takes to prove me case.Mickey 630-742-0200

to thetruthprevails #1577824

Can you send me cintact info to join suit?


If you do not pay them the money owed, they can come drag your lot and they will decide which vehicles are theres and which vehicles are not-- they will try and threaten you to give them the bills of sales of vehicles sold out of trust, so that they can scare the buyer into paying them instead of the lienholder-- which is absolutely illegal, but they have been known to do this. They can block your buying privileges to any Cox Automotive as well as file a delaer complaint with your local Dmv which will snatch your dealer license.

Good Luck. Keep trying to establish a payment plan.

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