Let's see if pissed Consumer deletes this post. For some reason, pissed consumer was deleting reviews at the request of Nextgear.

There is no hate speech.

Nextgear Capital Michael Gibson lawyer must be keeping busy as we hear there are many litigations active with Nextgear capital and their former customers.

Cox Enterprises, Brian Geitner and Nextgear Capital. Cox Enterprises, Brian Geitner and Nextgear Capital all related in some way. cox Enterprises seems to be the mother ship and must be aware of the insane, egregious and horrible tactics of Nextgear Capital. I have to say, Nextgear Capital has done some crazy *** over the past few years.

If you're a Nextgear Capital customer and things are going well, that is fabulous. However, in my opinion, you need to be prepared in the event that Nextgear Capital takes issue with anything they may not like with you or your operation. That's right, I said you or your business as Nextgear Capital has done inappropriate things as has taken inappropriate actions against their customers for personal reasons. Nextgear Capital will bully you with attorneys, law suits and legal fees. Nextgear Capital, in my opinion, does this hoping you and your business can't sustain the pressure and of course, the expense.

If you look at the complaints out there about Nextgear Capital, you will say many similarities. I am not saying that Nextgear Capital doesn't have any legitimate complaints. However, I am saying that many complaints seem to show some inappropriate conduct. I would describe it as scary, to say the least.

Nextgear Capital has customers complaining about being locked out of auctions, maliciously. There are also complaints about Nextgear Capital holding titles, auction proceeds and even altering documents. Again, this seems to be their tactic, to suffocate you and your business so you are unable to fight for your rights under their own agreement. Do your homework on Nextgear Capital. Research their lawsuits. Do your homework with any lender. My opinion is if you decide you no longer want to do business with Nextgear Capital or if you start having issues with them, be prepared for the worst. Have a backup plan and also be prepared for Nextgear Capital to interfere with your other lenders. This is also their conduct. Have a lawyer ready to protect you and your operation. Also be prepared to be forced to fight your battle in Indiana. Read your agreement, Nextgear Capital can force you into arbitration and or make you litigate in Indiana. However, if Nextgear Capital did anything fraudulent with you or your business, you may be able to fight in your own state.

If anyone out there is suing Nextgear Capital or being sued by them, I have emails and plenty of audio recordings of their sneaky conduct. This may help you. Just inbox us in the comment section here and we will respond.

I didn't like: Lies from sales reps.

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There Rep fraudulently allowed person purchasing my business to increase my funds from $125000 to $500000 without my knowledge she had him sign document adding him as owner without my knowledge with him forging my name on document allowing him to change e-mail so I wouldn’t be notified

to Ddp #1589284

do you know if there has ever been a class action suit filed? They took our cars, sold them and now the bill is higher. We still do not have an accounting on the cars.


I agree they did my father dirty!




Loan sharks!Threats!

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